Thank you Sun

I confess I don’t much like summer. It’s too hot and humid here in the midwest. If I could order my weather as we do dinner, I’d order a nice crisp fall, with a gentle breeze in the air. Oh yes, that would do quite nicely. But without the contrast of a hot humid summer day, would I truly appreciate fall?

There’s much to like and enjoy about summer but in this stretch of 100 degree days, all those things seem to evaporate from my mind and all I feel is hot and humid and tired. What I do like though is that in the summer, I can forego the dryer and hang my clothes outside pretty much anytime. There are weekends I’ve been so lazy that it’s been after 4pm when I hang my clothes on the clothesline and the clothes still dry, even the towels! It’s pretty amazing. Granted they have been wrung quite thoroughly by the washer but still.

And of course it goes without saying that life would not exist without the sun. So thank you sun.

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