Daily Prompt: Pluck

Usually, I arrange my work clothes for the next day before I go to bed. Yesterday, I felt tired and a little lazy and decided I would just do it in the morning.

In an effort to beat traffic, I leave the house pretty early. So I’m rushing and I just plucked a shirt out of my closet to wear with my jeans. My only interest was that it have a collar. A collar helps when you are wearing a lab coat otherwise you look like just a blob of white. 

Then later, facebook showed me a memory of this day two years ago and I’m wearing this exact same shirt! I haven’t worn this top all year long. In fact, I really think the last time I wore it was two years ago. What are the odds that a shirt I just plucked out of my closet would be the very same shirt that wold appear in my memories feed.

Weird. Life has these little weird odd idiosyncrasies that are amazing and puzzling too.


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