Insomnia Diaries, Day..

I’ve lost count. My sleep goes in and out and I’m still working to improve my sleep. Last night, I went to bed early and just rested. I fell asleep about 10pm and slept till almost 2am. I then stayed up till maybe 5 though I’m not sure. And then fell asleep since I had the day off. 

Even though my sleep was broken, I woke up energized. And I’ve totally kicked butt today. 

✅Walk neighbor’s dog

✅Water gardens


✅Run errands

✅Do some cleaning

✅Cook for the week

Now I’m exhausted. Folding laundry and getting ready to go watch Wonder Woman again..yes, it’s that good! 

Plus being out the house will help me adjust my time better. My new work schedule begins tomorrow. I don’t want to go to bed too early today

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  1. Jael Sook says:

    Thankfully, I don’t suffer insomnia presently–but I have in the past, and found it rather scary, as my thoughts were so off kilter. Sounds like you had a most productive day!!

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