The line between

Between solitude and loneliness is a line.

And sometimes that line is thin. Too thin.

At times, I revel in my solitude, feeling my mind clear of clutter and chatter. I feel my soul soar in gratitude and my heart smiles with me.

Be aware though, prolonged solitude even self-imposed and self-desired can blur and morph into loneliness. One must be careful.

Today, that line, the line between solitude and loneliness, progressively thinned and it made for a long afternoon and evening.

As night falls, I rest assured that by morning, that line will once again be restored. 

A smile plays gently on my lips marveling at the resilience, tenacity and fortitude of my inner self. And I thank her quietly.

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  1. Jael Sook says:

    Wow, really good.

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