Sleep matters

We insomniacs often deceive ourselves that if we get 3-4 or slightly less hours of sleep, that we are okay. But this is a lie. We will finction yes, for the most part, that we are okay.  Or with maybe just 2-3 that we will be okay, I know I do this a lot. This is done mostly out of chronic fatigue, hopelessness and denial and overconfidence and a little arrogance too, believe it or not.

Last night, when I slept deeper and more soundly than I have in a long time, the difference was stark. I was sharp, alert, rested.. I wanted to literally dance around.. and I’m a mildly socially anxious introvert. So that’s saying a lot.

I mean I go work. I do my job even more efficiently than most of my co-workers. But that’s no surprise Most insomniacs are pretty smart or super creative.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that insomnia takes a toll on us. It does, emotionally, intellectually and on a cognitive manner as well. 

Sleep matters. I’ve posted these two memed before but they are worth reposting.

I’m determined to do everything I can do to improve my sleep. I’m adding that to my mission. It’s that important!! Imagine how more smarter and creative we would really be if we got enough rest.

I’ll be blogging of my findings every so often. Feel free to suggest any other ideas🌸

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