Letting myself off the hook: Insomnia Diaries Day 8

So I woke up or was still awake at 1:44am (it’s hard to tell sometimes). My alarm was set to go off at 4am.  Panic strikes when that happens. Knowing I haven’t slept and my alarm is going off in 2 hours. I took a third ambien to at least sleep for those two hours.

But when my alarm went off at 4am. I just said f**k it, called in to work, said I was using my emergency day and pulled the covers back over my head.

Of course, I didn’t really go back to sleep. Not soundly, although I may have towards the morning.

Still I’m glad I called in. Sometimes, It’s okay just to let yourself off the hook. I did..for today. It affects my work record but in the end, it does not matter. I needed rest and took it. I am proud of myself.

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