Daily Prompt: Notorious

Before leaving the house, her mom asked Lucy if she was sure she wanted to go to school that day.

“Maybe you should stay home for a day or two until all this business dies down.” Her mom had said.

Lucy held her head up high as she walked through the hallway to her classroom. Her classmates whispered and giggled furtively.

It was a big improvement from what she had gone through on the two-block walk to school. Neighbors pointedly showing her the local newspaper with their concerned faces and questions.

“How could you?”

“Little girls should not do that?”

“Where were your parents”

In her defiant voice, she tried to shout “OMG!, it was just a rabbit. A rabbit! It was not even moving for God’sake. All I did was pick it up.”

She walked hurriedly to the school murmuring under her breadth and rolling her eyes “Suburbs!”

On the ground, lay the local paper with the headline

“Notorious Lucy Nabs Rabbit!”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chella says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY! When I first started reading it I was expecting a totally sad and sombering outcome , but then the writer does what she does best, by surprising me with a totally opposite outcome!!! MARVELOUS, I LOVE IT!!!


    1. authensible1357 says:

      Thanks. I had fun writing it. Lol!


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