Enough! Day 2

Last night, I headed up to bed by 7ish. I knew I would not fall asleep that early but I just wanted to unwind and rest. I sipped on some wine and listened to my meditation CDs and did a few of the affirmation exercises which was seeming to help until my sister interrupted me to show me a smartwatch she wanted me to order for her on Amazon.  This led to almost an hour conversation..sigh..then my other sister wanted to chat on Whatsapp since she was up with her youngest baby. I chatted for a while and finally I was like I have to sleep! 

I put away my phone, turned the lights out at 9pm and just rested I meant to read but I was so tired after getting hardly any sleep the day before and a 10 hour workday . 

At 11pm, I took a half ambien and slept till about 45 minutes before my alarm went off at 4am. Not bad for an insomniac, I think.

Last night’s sleep pictogram is below.

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