Tickled pink!

For the first time in days possibly weeks, I have slept soundly for two days in a row. I feel so rested, it’s amazing. 

For some time now, I had been plagued with acute insomnia, it was literally driving me insane. I have never really slept that well but I do manage to get 4-5 hours of sleep. But in the past few weeks, my sleep had dangerously dwindled down to 1-2 hours. And believe you me, that is no joke.

And it was not for lack of trying. Having battled insomnia before, I have articles, dvds, podcasts galore that I scour every so often for strategies, habits, exercises, meditations, foods and so on that improve sleep. 

So this is exactly what I did..initially. But as insomnia continued its grip on me, everything ceased to make sense. Because the truth of the matter is that with incessant insomnia, you are mostly just a wreck, a shell of a human being, putting one foot in front of the other, obliviously going through your daily motions barely registering anything and having just one thought on your mind: “Will I sleep tonight?”

So if I appear too thrilled after a mere two days of sound sleep, that’s because I have been to the other side and found it to be much too painful. So yeah, I admit it, I am more than tickled pink today. I am about to turn my music on, turn it up and celebrate!


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