Raised beds Day 1

After much neglect, I finally made it to my raised beds at the community garden yesterday afternoon. The last time I was there was last fall. I could barely remember if I had cleared the beds or not. I soon learned that apparently I had not cleared the beds. Tbis is how they looked:

In between chatting with a couple of fellow gardeners, I did make some progress yesterday clearing out the debris from the beds. One of beds is more or less done. But the other needs work.

Last year I planted a few marigolds in one of my raised beds that had strawberries in it. Looks like they have more or less taken over that bed which is just as well, I feel myself quite incapable of taking care of multiple raised beds this year so I’m letting one of these beds become a flower bed. I added zinnias at the end of the bed. 

I hope to continue tomorrow.

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