No rhyme, no nothing. Just knackered.

Today’s prompt was the word knackered

I had seen the daily prompt during the day and wondered vaguely what knackered meant.

The email from blogging fundamentals said work with external inspirations such as writing a post from the daily prompt.

It will be fun they said. So off to Google I went. To find the meaning of knackered.

And infact I did vigorously agree for I had found the exact word to describe what I felt having been at work since 5am.

Knackered! So off to bed I go. To do it all again tomorrow.





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  1. Chella says:

    Yep, I like it…some time we all feel a little knackered😋 I really like your poems and writings, thanks so much for posting it!!!


  2. Day is gone……prompt is old….feel refreshed…..

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