A sudden bout of Illness and feeling grateful.

Out of the blue, I just felt sick this evening. It might have been the heat or perhaps something I ate. I don’t know but all of a sudden, I was sick to my stomach. I would feel better when I lay down but as soon as I stood up, waves of nausea just hit me.

I still needed to do my evening chores and prepare for work. I leave the house at 4:30am on workdays so I like to have my meals and clothes all laid out. Plus there are usually dishes that need doing, the cat to feed and administer insulin, as well as cleaning her litter. 

It took several starts and stops to get everything done. Doing one chore and laying back down. Which made me really think about how we take our health for granted. 

Feeling good and painfree is such a blessing but we so often forget about how important that is and just how precious being healthy and able are. This sudden feeling of ill health this evening made me remember. And I’m so grateful for the reminder and for my health.

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