A wasp in my room

It was a beautiful sunny day today, most of the day anyhow, so I opened my windows early this morning and left them open. The fresh air was so rejuvenating.  I worked at my desk in the morning while listening to podcasts. I finished s-town (more about that in a later blog) and caught up on my favourite NPR podcasts. 

Around noon, I had a delightful lunch with an old friend then ran some errands, filled up and washed my car. My usual errands on my ‘Sunday’. All in all, it was a really nice day.

My work week starts on Friday at 5am so I usually begin wrapping up my weekend pretty early. On workdays, I typically have an early dinner and it was while I was getting ready to have dinner that I spotted the wasp! There it was flying by the open window, buzzing about. And that was all she wrote. I was out of there like a rocket!  
I snuck back into the room to get my phone charger and wineglass because you know..priorities. And I also put my mp3 player on the charger. I have to have my music at work.  Last week, I forgot my charger and literally almost died. Ok so not literally but it was the longest day ever!

The wasp was nowhere in sight when I went in there so I wonder where it is. Perhaps I should have watched where it went instead of running off like a little child. But run I did.

And now I need to see a dead wasp before I can sleep in my room.

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